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The goal of the NHPHA Impact Minute Video Series is to shed light on public health topics using the faces and voices of those impacted by certain Public Health issues.  We hope these stories will be shared widely. Please share with your family, friends, colleagues, community partners and policy makers.  In viewing these one-minute videos, we hope everyone can gain a better understanding of the many ways Public Health has an impact on our lives. 

Impact Minute: Treatment (Episode 2)
Presented by New Futures

Roughly 106,000 New Hampshire residents have a substance use disorder. In our second video in this IMPACT MINUTE series, we hear from Linda,   a caring mom and hardworking nurse, who has felt the pain and shame associated with being a parent of a child with substance use disorder. Having her daughter labeled as an "addict" and not being able to seek the appropriate treatment services in NH are just some of the struggles Linda and her family have gone through as a result of substance use disorder.  Thanks in part to the NH Health Protection Program, from which, 5,880 NH resident will access substance use disorder treatment services, Linda still has hope.

Thank you for sharing your story, Linda.

 Minute: Substance Misuse (Episode 1)
Presented by New Futures

In close collaboration with New Futures, NHPHA has just completed its first edition of their video series titled Impact Minute. These videos are each around 1 minute in length and feature personal stories from New Hampshire residents highlighting their experience with substance use disorders as well as forward thinking programs working to curb the substance misuse epidemic facing New Hampshire.  We hope our public health and clinical/behavioral health partners will join us in spreading the word about these videos through social media platforms, email, and at your upcoming events. The videos emphasize the impact addiction has on individuals, families and communities and highlight what some communities and organizations are doing to improve health and safety.

The Impact Minute video series was produced by New Futures with support from NHPHA. 

This first video features Life of an Athlete NH, a program working with student athletes to prevent drug and alcohol use among students. Through Life of an Athlete, schools are working towards a year-round policy so that kids make healthy choices 365 days per year!