Committees and Sections

NHPHA is a volunteer organization. The work that we do can only happen with active member participation, so please consider joining a committee. Call-in options are available for those who cannot attend in person. Descriptions of each of the four standing committees are described below. NHPHA also has a Rising Stars initiative that is organized by the Membership Committee.

Communications Committee

The Communications Committee is responsible for keeping members informed in a timely manner activities of NHPHA and supporting all of the communication activities between the Board, NHPHA membership and those interested in public health programs and initiatives.  The Communications Committee utilizes various methods to keep NHPHA members current including a member-to-member listserv, e-newsletter, and website.  

Time Commitment: The Communications Committee meets the third Thursday of every month via Zoom video conference call. 

For more information about joining the Communications Committee, please contact the Communications Committee Co-Chair: Jess Barnett at [email protected].

Photo: Dylan Gillis on Unsplash

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee is responsible for an overall plan for the recruitment and retention of Individual and Organizational Members of the Association. The Committee is also responsible for the recruitment of donors and sponsors of the Association and formal supportive arrangements (financial or in-kind services) for the purpose of achieving the long term sustainability of the Association. The Committee will develop such materials, events and strategies to serve these purposes.

Time Commitment: The Membership and Resource Development Committee meets the third Tuesday of every month via Zoom video conference call.

For more information about joining the Membership Committee, please contact the Membership and Resource Development Committee Co-Chair: Lisa Bujno at [email protected].

Photo: Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

Policy Committee

The NHPHA Public Policy Committee shall carry out those activities essential to the development of a program of action regarding public policy issues, assist in the implementation of the plan and the evaluation of the Association's position and activity on such public policy issues consistent with the Association's Articles of Agreement, Mission Statement, Bylaws and such other regulations that govern the operation of the Association.

Time Commitment: The Public Policy Committee meets the first Friday of every month via Zoom video conference call.

For more information about joining the Policy Committee, please contact the Public Policy Committee Chair: Annika Stanley-Smith at [email protected].

Program Planning Committee

The Program Planning Committee is responsible for developing and undertaking activities that support the purpose of the organization by providing information and education to the broader public health community and or the public at large, as deemed appropriate by the Board. Such activities may include Public Health Week, the Annual Fall Forum, participation in the events of related entities, and/or special projects as are fiscally possible.

Time Commitment: The Program Planning Committee holds a 30-to-45-minute Zoom video conference call on an as-needed basis. August-October and February-April equals 3 hours monthly; November-January and May-July equals 1 hour monthly. Additional time may be needed for specific work prior to the programs. 

For more information about joining the Program Planning Committee, please contact the Program Assistant: Autumn Raschick-Goodwin at [email protected].